A Hidden Side Of A Transgender

All of this world is filled with plenty of creatures. Within these unlimited creature’s, humans are considered to be the most sensible one. From little kid to orderly age humans suffer from plenty of variations. All these variations make up the entire time span of his or her life. Other than male and female there is a third kind known as transgender. Unfortunately, some of the people do not consider them as a human. Transgenders are considered to be the most unprivileged community in human’s society. They have their own kind of suffering. All of this because of our inhumane behavior of not considering them as a human being.


They also have different sects in them. Some of them led a humble life. Although really hard and a rare case. While other becomes the part of the lust of so called humans. If somehow we stop looking them as what they are and consider one of the basic truth that they also possess a soul, then things would seem different. Every soul has an inbuilt connection with its creator. Some of us neglect this truth by getting submerged in the worldly affairs but some (being lucky) become able to comprehend this hidden reality.

A story of a transgender that reflects the insights of his soul are being told at bubble blog.  If you consider them a part of “human’s society” then do give a look at it. It reflects the spiritual side of a transgender. Read the full story at bubble blog and get to know the hidden side of a transgender.


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